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We are counting down for season 2020. 

We still have slots for Spring fishing for sea trout and brown trout. 

The fishing last season was fantastic in the Tungufljot and proves that catch and release is improving the river a lot. 

Looking forward to hear from you.

The trout season opening 

April mostly focuses on several sea trout rivers, most of them on the south coast, the rest up north. Two rivers have stood out by a mile, Litlaá in the northeast and Tungulækur on the south coast. Either one are strangers to being productive to say the least. While Tungulækur has been up to its usual high standard, among the high‘s being an opening day producing almost three hundred sea trout to the four rods.  Litlaá has been at least as good according to its own standards with a total tally 32 fish for the first dayVarma, Arctic Char


 A few days ago, and according to the tally of fished rods, that accounted for an average catch of ten trout per rod per day. Litlaá also boasts big fish, plus a blend of sea trout and stationary browns. One group had 170 trout, 110 of the 50 cm or over.

Other rivers Vatnamót, Tungufljót, Geirlandsá, Húseyjarkvísl, Steinsmýrarvötn and Eldvatn, are all doing well now but the lines are still getting frozen in the loops.   Varmá, have gone off pretty well where  huge Arctic Char up to 6,5 kilo has been the main catch.

The April might be cold and the official summer day is on the April 23rd,  well that’s the day on the calendar…they were not ok our ancestors when they came out with that outstanding idea to have the official 1st day of the summer in April!


River Laugardalsá, available rods on the prime time!Salmon fishing in Iceland, Laugardalsá

Laugardalsa in the west-fjords of Iceland is an absolute gem of a river, in the last 4 years she has twice given up more than 500 salmon on her 2 – 3 rods and once more gone over the 400 salmon mark. When taken into account that the season is unusually short in Laugardalsa (only two and a half month) these catch figures are very impressive. 

Traditionally the month of July has been the strongest, but early August follows closely. Laugardalsa starts out as a 2 rod river but during the height of the season 3 rods fish the river, in the end the rods are again reduced down to 2.

We have some days available in the end of July and beginning of August, a nice little self catering lodge is close to the river (5 min walk) and comes with the permits.

The days available are some of the best days in a self catering river we can offer – don’t miss out on this.

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Dear angling friends

The salmon fishing season in Iceland is coming to an end. After a fantastic season in 2013, we had what we would simply describe as a slow season, but even a slow summer in Iceland can provides some excellent fishing in some rivers.90cm Salmon from river Fossá

The slack runes of grills affect the numbers, but for many anglers was this most memorable summer ever in sizes. In Midfjatdara river for an example has 18 salmon 100cm and over been landed, that’s over average in River Midfjardara to land this high number of salmon over 10kg. For the River Laugardalsá was the fishing slow compare to average year but, there was a lot of fish over 70cm landed and the biggest salmon was 103cm. The fight was 1,5 hour of excitement, hard work and the rod broke in the fight, but with 103cm salmon on the bank celebrating, who cares about broken rod?

The river Fossá is a late season river, like Stóra Laxá in Hreppum is Late August through September the high prime. When 30 salmon has been landed was interested to see the average size, only 5 salmon less than 70 cm! That’s better average weight than most rivers can provide.

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Volcanic eruption in Bárðarbunga?

As many of you know the Volcano Bárðarbunga is quite shaky these days.

Few days ago, we heard news about eruptions in Bárðarbunga and the uncertainty level was raised to red alert for a day.  There was no eruption and the uncertainty level is now yellow, or whatever.  Eyjafjallajökull 2010

We have given this a long thought and talk to a lot of people about this, volcanologist, geologist, wizards, elves, two midgets and all kinds of scholars. By our study have we come to that conclusion that the Volcano Bárðarbunga will or will not erupt!

We will keep fishing and having fun at the riverbank like we do all day long without worries about eruptions.  The worst thing that could happen is some anglers might be stuck in Iceland and had to fish longer than they expected, that’s of course awful, like being locket somewhere with bunch of sex addicted supermodels!! God save us from that kind of disaster!

100 cm salmon from Midfjardara
Kristjan guide and Bob Redgate with Bobs birthday present from Midfjardara…100 cm salmon from Midfjardara


The grills are not showing up in big numbers but large Salmon over 100 cm are over average yrear,

The Big Laxá up north, Selá, Vatnsdalsa, Vididalsa and several days ago where fresh 103 sealiced salmon landed in Laugardalsá   , every year seems to be better here in Iceland for large Salmon 20 pounds and up to 30 pounds ,  this is a proof of all the catch and release that we have practice now for few years. Some year’s back it was big news if there was a 20 pounder landed on our rivers. The Midfjaradara has already 13 salmon over 100cm Landed!! Amazing results of the C&R


Watt Boone with 7kg trout
Watt Boone with 7kg trout

The trout fishing has been god so far. The conditions have been rough like for the salmon but those who don’t give up are rewarded. Watt Boone did receive big rewards in perfect day between the rainy days. What can you say?? Congrats Watt!!

MIdfjardara salmon, Iceland


The river Laugardalsá opening the 15th, early for the Laugardalsá but the salmon was there, two salmon landed and 6 hooked on the 2 rods. The small pearl in the west fjords surprised us with the good number of salmons over 75cm.We look forward to see how the new rules, fly only will affect the fishing this summer.

Midfjardara had a very solid start to the season. The water condition was high and allot of salmons already in the river. Beat 5, upper West was a big suprise. Some times in the opening we go above Tunhylur( bridge pool) to check if there is any action, now where several pools in the upper west already with good number of salmons.

The fishing was like we expected, 39 salmons, all mw 10-18 pounds. One of the day we had a muddy water, but still some fish landed that day.


The salmon season in Iceland starts with promising openings.

On the 5th of June opened two of the better known salmon rivers in Iceland, River Norðurá and River Blanda on the North coast.


On the opening day were exited anglers at the river banks of both rivers waiting for the clock to turn 07:00. At Norðurá River the Prime Minister of Iceland and Minister of Finance were fishing for the first couple of hours. The Minister of Finance landed one 78cm salmon. At the end of the day 7 salmon had been landed in Norðurá River and 1 in Blanda River. The conditions were good in both rivers and the River Norðurá was this year’s winner of landed salmon.

In many rivers in Iceland salmon has been spotted already, like the Midfjardara, Vididalsa who both opened after the 20th. Many rivers were used to be opened in the beginning of June. The salmon started to run later year after year and the openings were delayed for 3 weeks later than usual.

One of the things we know for sure about the salmon is why he delays? Why he take? Why he jumps? For sure we don’t know shit! Yep we like all anglers have not a clue. There are many theories, for sure, about all of those questions, but hopefully will never prove why the salmon takes. The mystic about the salmon is what keeps us attracted to this amazing fish. Thankfully there are many tricks when you fly fish for salmon that work, most often;) . The beauty of fishing is the endless surprises you get from this magnificent fish.

May 17. 2014

sea trout Huseyjarkvísl
97cm Sea trout from the River Húseyjarkvísl

The early spring sea trout fishing in Iceland is just about ending. It was a good season despite some cold weather and dismal conditions at times. Many of the fish were huge.

Some rivers are still in good action, like the River Tungulækur, Litllaá and River Varmá.  In River Varma is the char in good shape and fish up to 4kg landed.

Some very big Sea trout’s where landed like the 93cm from river Húseayjarkvísl.

Anglers who have fish in Rivers at the South like the Tungufljót, Geirlandsá and Vatnamót has in most cases had a good catch this spring, even in rough conditions, as well as the Húseyjarkvísl and Litlaá up north.

The Brown trout and the Arctic char fishing in the south has been in good average for the River Bruara and Hólaá.

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May. 14. 20

New season, new destination from May 2014;)
Yesterday we signed lease contract for the River Fossá In Þjórsárdalur for salmon & Trout fishing

Fossá hjalparfoss, Iceland, Salmon fishing, blog
River Fossá, Hjálparfoss

River Fossá is medium size salmon river in the South of Iceland.

Foss is the Icelandic word for waterfall and you will see Tree stunning waterfalls where you can fish in. Háifoss at the top of the trout beat is the second highest waterfall in Iceland 122m. The landscape by the river is breathtaking.

Fossá river system is fly only, catch and release.

The salmon beat is below the waterfall Hjálparfoss.  Salmon fishing in Fossá offer you 2 km of private fishing for 2 rods.  From the waterfall to the Junction of the river Þjórsa are plenty of pools to keep the 2 rods busy. The salmon runes late in the river and is the prime starts late July to mid of September.

The average size of the salmon is around 5 to 7 pounds and there is a good number of salmon over 10 pounds. The salmon fishing starts July 15th and only gets better until last day. There is also trout and some Arctic char in the salmon beat but. In September you can expect to catch sea trout. To fish the Fossá is good to use single hand rod 7 up to 9 weights or small double hand rod.

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May 10. 2014

100cm-trout, lake Thingvellir
Stefan with his monster trout from Lake Thingvellir landed 9th May 2014

Good fishing in May so far

Lake Thingvellir has been outstanding and fish up to 100 cm are caught and many over 80cm and even more from 60 to 80 are caught every day. Most of the fisherman are using streamers but as it is getting warmer the use of nymphs and dry flies are becoming good as well and if the conditions are wright it can be a fantastic to catch a 80+cm fish on a small dry fly!

Probably the largest Brown trout ever caught on a fly in Iceland was caught on the 9th of May, 100 cm long and 65 cm in girt!!! Now that is what we call the mother of all trout’s!

The Angler Stefan Kristjansson has so far landed close to 20 Salmons from 10- 13 kg and when we spoke to him, (in the high sky of trout bum  orgasm) he told us that this is the  way biggest fish he has ever landed.  The biggest trout landed on rod in Iceland (confirmed) was landed 1957 in the Lake Þingvellir.  Congrats Stefán!!!

Fishing in Litla has been good so far, the total catch from april 1st is now in around the 500 mark. Several fish over 80 cm have been landed. Most of the fish has been landed on streamers. The temperature is rising and we look forward to fishing when the hatch starts. River Varma is doing well as usual at this time of year and are we hearing news of big sea trout that are still caught and there is still a lot of big fish still in the river.

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May 05. 2014

Fishing Iceland TEAM
Fishing Iceland,Nordic Flyfair Elverum

Great days in Elverum Norway

Fishing Iceland-TEAM  joined anglers in the Nordic Flyfair in Elverum 3-4 May.

It was great to meet our Norwegian friends and getting to know new ones.

It’s a privilege to be a fly fisher, meeting allot of great people from all over the world and visit destinations where you haven´t been before, with or without your fly rod;)

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April 25.

The lake Thingvellir opened with blast 20st of Aplril 10 days earlier than usual.

Lale Thingvellir, trout
Lale Thingvellir, trout

Never has the fishing for the amazing Ice Age trout been so good in the Nationalpark. The park took the step finally to protect the trout and now it’s fly only and C&R.

The rules will changes the 1st of June again when the trout is out to the deep and fishing with other bait will be allowed.

The trout in the lake had a hard time for last 5 decades, after block the River Efra Sog wth dam for power plant at the middle of last century.

The trout before the 50’s where in thousands and it wasn’t reason to talk about catching 15-19 pound fish, who didn’t? !!

This amazing fish has been in recovery last 15 years after congressman Mr.  Össur Skarphèdinsson got found from the power company Landsvirkjun and the government to save the stock. With the Biologist Johannes Sturlaugsson at Laxfiskar. The trout population in the Lake been enlarging every year for last 15 years.

Last 3 years has been very good for the trout fishing and each year the group of anglers has been enlarging. Unfortunately have many anglers slack respect for the nature and the trout, using illegal bait and killing as much as they can! It has been horrible to watch the trout recovery and group of anglers killing the fish.

Lake Þingvellir Trout
Lake Þingvellir Trout

Thankfully are most of the anglers agreeing about one thing, Lake Þingvellir trout must be protected.

Last fall many anglers and groups like Continental trout conservation found with Congressman MR. Skarhédinsson on board put a heavy pressure on the national park comity and the result where total protection of the trout.  Mr. skarphédinsson wrote letters to the Thingvellir comity and the park Manager Mr. Òlafur Örn Haraldsson has done a great job and anglers can see by their action, they are doing whatever they can for protection.

Our team, like all the anglers who wants to bring our kids and gran child’s to the lake for the big trout’s are celebrating, we won’t be telling the next generations story’s of the big ones, they will enjoy landing them by them self;)

April 13,2014

Iceland brown trout
Could not resist the nymph

The trout fishing last couple of weeks has been good.

The early spring has been cold and in the north windy with a challenging conditions.

The river Litlaà has ben steady from the opening, the conditions has been rough and some anglers had blizzard and got trapped. The south has been good also. The River Tungulækur has the winning, up to 100 fish landed daly on the 4 rods and often just 2-3 rods fishing.  The fish is in good a shape in most rivers after the winter.

Most of the fish is caught on streamers at this time but the Nymphs can do great things if you fish them upstream.

April 01, 2014

Excellent opening of the trout season in Icelandrver-litlaa, sea trout, fishing, Iceland

On April the 1st are the openings for the Trout fishing in Iceland.

River Tungulækur, Litlaá, Húseyjarkvísl, Brrúará  were in good condition and the fishing in good average.

We opened the River Litlaá with group of anglers from Akureyri. The fishing went on with blast, and in 3 hours 25 fish had been landed on the 5 rods fishing.

The conditions where rough for trout fishing, no wind, sunny and in the afternoon you could see when the line landed in the surface how the stripes when the trout got spooked.  At the end of the day were 69 fish landed and happy anglers sat down to enjoy the Icelandic leg of lamb with red wine and were satisfied after good day.rver-litlaa, sea trout, fishing, Iceland

The opening day number from several rivers

Litlaá: 69 fish 55-76 cm

Tungulækur: 91 fish 50-80cm

Tungufljót: 8 fish 50-86 cm

Bruara: 10 fish

We will keep you up updatedrver-litlaa, torut,fishign,Iceland

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