Gone Fishing!

He's lazy, but he's lovable, we know him like a book Anytime he can't be found, we know just where to look: Gone fishin', there's a sign upon his door Gone fishin', he ain't workin' anymore There's his hoe out in the sun where he left a row half done He said "hoein' ain't no fun", he ain't got no ambition Gone fishin' by a shady wady pool I'm wishin' I could be that kinda fool I'd say no more work for mine on my door I'd hang a sign Gone fishin' Instead of just a wishin' Gone fishin'. . .see him snoozin' by a brook Gone fishin'. . .didn't even bait his hook There's his hound dog by his side fleas are bitin' at his hide He won't scratch 'em he's to tired he ain't got no ambition Gone fishin'. . .learnin' fishin' worms to swim I'm wishin. . .he wuz me and I wuz him Wish I had a plane to fly here's what I'd write in the sky Gone' fishin'. . .instead of jest awishin' Gone fishin'. . . he don't worry 'bout no wars Gone fishin'. . .left his wife to do the chores Cows need milkin' in the barn but he jest don't give a darn See his fishin' pole is gone he's on a secret mission Gone fishin'. . .out where peace has never died I'm wishin'. . .all the world was by his side Then our guns we'd throw away grab a fishin' pole and say Its good to listen to

Bing Crosby and Louis Armstrong-Gone Fishin' before gone fishing;)