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Join us for a fishing adventure in Iceland for salmon or trout.

Iceland has a lot to offer when it comes to fishing. Atlsntic Salmon, Brown trout, Sea trout and Arctic Char is the fish you can fish for in Iceland  

Atlantic salmon is popular to fish for and the quality like for the Brown trout is some of the best in the world today. When you’re fishing for salmon in Iceland is the size to expect to catch 5-7 pounds. In some rivers are 20-40% of the fish 8-18 pounds.

Rivers holding self-sustaining salmon stock here in Iceland are close to one hundred. Approximately 20 of those rivers can be categorized as first class, i.e. rivers with good catch records and first class services and accommodation.

Most of the many lakes in Iceland offer good trout fishing, both brown trout and char. The same can be said for the majority of the smaller and colder rivers. Since the demand is not high, fishing lisences can be obtained at short notice and at reasonable cost.

Char is the most common freshwater fish in Iceland. It occurs in rivers and lakes all over the island. It generally weights from 0.5 up to 2 pounds, but fish up to 4 pounds are not rare.

Sea Trout occurs in rivers all around Iceland, but is most common in the southeast and southwest. The biggest fish is to be found in the southeast, often up to 10 pounds and occasionally up to 20 pounds. Among the best sea trout rivers one can mention the  Tungufljót and Vatnamót.