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Disinfecting fishing gear

Iceland has always been free of diseases like UDN and Gyrodactylus salaris and we intend to keep it that way. There is a strict policy of visiting anglers having their tackle sterilized before coming to Iceland. This should be done in a 2% formaldehyde solution for 10 minutes and performed by a veterinary surgeon. (Tackle sterilized in Virkon S is also acceptable.) A signed inventory of what has been sterilized should be provided by the vet for presentation to the customs officers at Keflavik airport. The most important items to be treated are: rods, reel/line, waders and flies.

Documentation & Visas

Citizens from the European Economic Area (comprising the EU, Switzerland and Liechtenstein), US and Canada need only a passport valid for at least three months after the planned date of arrival to enter Iceland for up to three months.

Iceland, trout fishing
Fishing in Iceland, driving into the sunset

Currency: Icelandic Krona. Visa and Eurocard/Mastercard credit cards and Maestro and Visa Electron are accepted widely.

Language: Icelandic, but Icelanders speak English as well.

Electricity. Most facilities operate on 220-wolt, 50Hz. A Converter will be necessary for any electrical items that require a 110-volt, 60Hz system.


 Duty-free: Allowed on arrival one of the following choices:

1 lither of alcohol and 1 lither of wine.

1 lither of alcohol and 6 lither of beer.

1 lither of wine and 6 lither of beer.

10 packs of cigarettes can be brought in to the country per person.



Vdolcano eruption, Eyjafjallajökull

In emergency call 112

112 is the single emergency number in Iceland, representing all the response parties to accidents, fire, crime, search, rescue and natural disasters on land, at sea, or in the air. Additionally, Iceland‘s child protection officers can be reached through 112

112 app is also available