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River Litlaá

The River Litlaá in Iceland is great for Brown Trout, Sea-Trout and Arctic Char fishing

Litlaá, Iceland
River Litlaa Iceland

River Litlaa hosts Brown trout, sea trout and Arctic Char. In the spring and the autumn is The sea trout fishing prime time. The Brown trout is year all around. The size is good in the Litlaa River and keen angler can expect to catch good number of trout in the week. The trout feeds a lot in the surface and dry fly fishing in the river is great choice. Be course of the high temperature in the river is the trout hard fighter even in cold days.

You can expect to catch fish up to 80cm, but the average size is 45-55 cm. The biggest sea trout was caught is 23 pound giant

Fishing Litlaa in Iceland for Trout is a good way get all from one river and you can fish with all the technique you know.

The Litlaa River

 Arctic char,Litlaá,Iceland
Nice Arctic char from Litlaa in Iceland

The Litlaa River is feed by Lake Skjálftavatn. Just below the Lake runes warm water from Brunnum into the Litlaa and make that the stream warm and full of life. The average heat of the river is 12°C degrees. Because of the hot water coming from the Brunnum is a very high average heat and because of that the sea trout growth is very fast and is does not matter if you are fishing in April or October you can always heat up your hands by dipping them into the water.

The heat in the river speeds up everything and it is fantastic staying at the bank and watching the trout follow the streamers stripped in the surface there is almost no felling like it.

The river also has a fine stock of stationary brown trout and some arctic char especially in the Lake. There is also a good chance to catch a salmon later on in the season.

The River Litlaa is “Fly only, Catch and release” policy. Anglers are requested to study our notes on the handling of fish prior to release.

In a few sea trout rivers in Iceland spring fishing is allowed, yet in some quarters the spring fishing is a bit controversial as anglers are then catching the trout on their way back to sea after they have stayed in the river over the winter. In all the rivers except Litlaá the spawners are thin and really need to get back to their ocean feeding grounds and should be released so they can do so.

Due to the warm waters of Litlaá, this is not a problem and the springers are as fat as the fish running from the sea. In fact the springers are in no hurry out of the river and many stay well into the summer, the prime season on the river thus being longer than usuall for an Icelandic sea trout river. This should be kept in mind..
Five rods are permitted on Litlaá


The Lodge

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This is a remarkable river and holds one of Iceland’s strongest and fittest, sea-run brown trout stock there is, as well as some sea-run char and occasionally salmon. Litlaá is a beautiful, fresh water river.
River Litlaá
Fishing season: April 1st to October 20 .
Prime time: April, Mid of Aug to Oct 20.
Average size: 2-3 pounds.
Tackle: Single hand, line weight 4-8 floating. Sink tip can be useful some times.
Access: Very good.
Number of rods: 5
Distance from Reykjavík: 550 

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