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Fishing in Iceland

When you Fish in Iceland, you can fish for, Atlantic Salmon, Brown Trout, Sea Trout and Arctic Char.

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Jonni Head guide with nice springer
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Arctic Char
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Lake Thingvellir trout


The Fish in Iceland

Atlantic Salmon is popular to fish for in Iceland and the quality like for the Brown trout is some of the best in the world today. When you’re fishing for salmon in Iceland is the size to expect to catch 5-7 pounds. In some rivers are 20-40% of the fish 8-18 pounds.

Most common is the Brown trout and Arctic Char.  

When you go Fishing in Iceland you can expect to catch trouts, both Brown and Sea trouts, up to 15 pounds+ in some spots but most common is 1-4 pounds in for the brownies and 3-5 pounds the Sea trouts  . The Arctic char are most often 1-3 pounds, but fish up to 6-8 pounds are found in between.

The Rivers in Iceland

In Iceland can you find gin clear rivers where you can fish for Atlantic Salmon, Brown trout, Sea-trout and Arctic Char.  There are over 100 salmon rivers where you can fish in Iceland in all sizes and hundreds of rivers and lakes where you can fish for trout. The Rivers and lakes in Iceland are easy to access and you can always find something that you are looking for.

The Season:

The fishing season in Iceland is From April 1st to 20th of October 

The season for Brown trout, Sea Trout and Arctic Char: April 1st to 20th of October 

Atlantic Salmon:  June 5th to 25th of September in most rivers, June 25th to Oct 20th in West Ranga


salmon-fishing-Iceland-fly fishing
salmon fishing in Iceland

Most of the best Salmon Rivers offer full service luxury lodges, but in many good rivers self catering lodging is also an option. For the trout fishing is full board accommodations arranged by request, except for the Laxa in Myvatnssveit and Laxæardalur offers full board all season.

There are good farm hotels, summer houses and highland center options for the trout fishing all around Iceland.



By Fishing in Iceland, you get a privacy and exclusive access to the waters All rivers and lakes in Iceland are privately owned. Government regulations limit the number of rods and fishing hours in each river and lake

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