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Highland trout fishing

Fishing the Icelandic highlands is a unique experience

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Nice trout from Lake Tindavatn

Standing in a black sand desert and fish for fit, strong beautiful big brown trout’s might be something different than you have ever done. If you have thought of how it might be fishing Iceland, trout, fishing,highlandson the Moon then the highland is the spot to try it out. The Iceland Highlands are some of Europe biggest wilderness. In average year can you fish from the beginning of June to the middle of September. The film Oblivion with Tom Cruise was shot in the Veiðivötn area be course of the strange landscape. Driving trough the highland with the glaciers and the rough land is amazing, not the fastest way to explore Iceland but with fishing rod definitely one of the best ways. The highland lakes are famous for the size of the trout. It’s amazing how fast the highlands Trout grow, in most of the lakes the fish grows from 4-7cm per year and up to over 10cm in a year for some lakes. This unique fish get old and reach to over 20 pounds. This trout can get to over 16 years old. The trout got landlocked there at the end of last Ice Age and it seems that they have been growing since then. Originally, Irish Sea Trout is the trout in Veidivotn and Lake Tindavatn. Go for big trout in the Icelandic highlands.

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