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Laxá í Aðaldal, Torfur

Laxá in Aðaldal Beat staðartorfa/Múlatorfa

                                                                         Fly fishing trout in Iceland

The beat Staðartorfa is a fantastic choice if you are looking for exiting Brown trout fishing in Iceland

The Fish

Staðartofa is a brown trout beat and one of the more famous ones in Iceland. The average size is about 1,5-2,5 pounds but fish up to 4-5 pounds are common.  Staðartorfa has Arctic char as well but they are not common.

Staðartorfa is an old salmon beat and salmon spawn on the top section on the beat and often in august you can see salmon jumping on the beat, but the salmon are protected on the beat and butting in a salmon fly and trying to fish for them is strictly forbidden.

The river                                 Fly fishing trout in Iceland

The river starts from the lake Myvatn and flows some 22km until it reaches a dam and the beat below is the staðartorfa. It starts with fast moving water with some pocket pools here and there and after some 500m the river gets wider and slower where the first actual pool is.

The fact that the river is wide and slow gives the trout the change to be every were in that part of the beat so just walking in the middle and casting a small streamer can often be good.

On the lower section of the beat you have more channels and small islands where the fish will lie under the bank and waiting for small insects to fall into the water, there it is ideal to cast a small nymph or a dry fly if the fish are active in the surface.


There is no lodge on the river, but you have the option in staying in one of many hotels and summerhouses in the neighborhood