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Kvíslaveita is a great Lake and River combo for Brown trout fishing in Icelandic highlands

The fish

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Iceland Ice age trout

Brown Trout’s in Kvíslaveita are not the biggest in Iceland, but its probably hard to find more aggressive trout’s to fish for in Iceland  



The trout can be extremely aggressive in the Kvíslaveita. It’s fantastic to fish with streamer and floating line in the surface and sometimes you raise the same trout several times before the hammer the fly.  The Average size is 1-2 pounds but often are trout’s up to 10 pounds are landed

The Water system

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Highlands trout

in 1980, The National Electricity Authority commenced work on the project of combining several rivulets and small lakes to increase the water supply for its hydroelectric power plants.  The project was divided into 5 phases, four of which were finished in 1985.  Dams were built to divert water from spilling into River Thjorsa to Lake Thorisvatn.  The total area of the new lakes is about 21 km2 and they are connected by ditches.  Those lakes have been fished with good results and keen angler can catch up to 25 wild Trout’s during the day



There is a nice self catering accommodating in Lodge Vresalir by the lake. If you prefer service is Hrauneyjar highland center in the range of 45min drive

Hrauneyjar has food service with a buffet and a la cart menu. The rooms are nice with showers and a private bathroom

Versalir has no service but nice rooms where 4 share rooms. There is a nice kitchen area and living room. 30 Persons can stay in the Versalir per night.